What If We’ve Got It All Wrong?

Our low-fat diets may be what’s making us fat. And sick…..

The fear of fat that’s driven our food choices for the past thirty or forty years may be behind the dismal health of many of us. Well-intentioned advice founded on flawed science is having catastrophic consequences.

Not only have we been missing out on all the essential nutrients in fats (fat-soluble vitamins for starters), but removing fat from food leaves it pretty much tasteless. So the manufacturers add sugar, in all its devious guises. Diabetes anyone?

Saturated fats from pasture-raised animals and from organic vegetable sources play a key role in keeping us healthy. Replacing them with factory-fats and sugar is a recipe for disaster….

Without nutritious fat in your diet you’re left feeling hungry. So you fill up on carbs – potatoes, pasta, bread, cereals, rice. All carbs (except fibre) are broken down into sugar in your body. We are not designed to use sugar as our primary fuel. It’s a turbo-charge stress response fuel that can burn without oxygen in times of crisis. But we’ve adapted to burning it as a matter of necessity since we became addicted to the stuff.

Oh, and cancer thrives on sugar…

For your lungs to work properly they need a thin layer of surfactant coating – and the fat content of this coating is 100% saturated fatty acids. Dodgy factory-fat does not make for good surfactant! Breathing difficulties anyone?

Your brain is mainly fat and cholesterol. In fact, saturated fatty acids are a major component of all cell membranes and vital to the proper functioning of every cell in your body.

What you eat literally becomes you.

I recommend using unrefined virgin coconut oil (good source of myristic acid), ghee (clarified butter), and macadamia nut oil to cook with as they can withstand higher temperatures than olive oil and butter. Olive oil should be stored in dark glass or metal and kept away from light. Check the use-by date, it’s best fresh.

If you need a quick energy boost that won’t send your blood-sugar on a roller-coaster ride, ditch the doughnut and reach for organic butter and cheese!



Photo credit:  Tess Parker / Melbourne graffiti

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