Living Well is a forum for sharing my passion for health and nutrition and wellbeing so that life is lived with the sort of vitality that energises body and brain, and nourishes a generosity of spirit.

Living Real looks at who we are and how we got to this point. This still point. This timeless pivotal moment between past and future, where it all happens.

Living Well Living Real is about living a life you love in the 21st century. It is about survival and significance. About challenging our assumptions and perceived limitations and stepping up to being accountable for just how awesome our lives can be.

But for so many of us financial limitations keep our passions and our dreams always just out of reach, at jobs that sap our precious time and energy...... 0r do you love your work and would show up even if they didn't pay you?

The good news for the rest of us would-be escape artists is that there is a way to work together to live a life that is more fun and more rewarding and ultimately liberating.   Starting here!