How Fast Are You Getting Old?

Time, it seems, is not a constant.

If how we look and feel is a reflection of time passing then how come some people are handling getting older with a lot more flair and vitality than others?

The “Triage Theory of Ageing” describes how dietary deficiencies accelerate the ageing process. In a nutshell, where a specific nutrient is in short supply it will be used preferentially for functions necessary for short-term survival at the expense of functions whose consequences are more long-term. Your healthy survival to reproduction takes priority over longevity.

How we age is a reflection of the accumulated damage to our DNA and mitochondria (the energy production centres in our cells) which results in physical decline.

Nutrient deficiency means that DNA repair is not prioritised, leading to degenerative disease and earlier death. It’s a trade-off by Mother Nature for whom reproduction and raising young are higher up the list than trekking in the Himalayas at 70….

RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) levels are based on the minimum amount needed to prevent short-term deficiency. It now looks like relying on these levels for nutritional sufficiency could be setting us up for long-term damage and illness.

Some effects of nutrient deficiency may be going unnoticed. Or you may be suppressing valuable warning signs with pharmaceuticals!

One example of this is the importance of Vitamin K, which is essential for blood clotting as well as for bone health. Blood clotting is the more critical of the two, and so deficiency in Vitamin K will allow osteoporosis to progress quietly while your blood still clots as necessary. And you won’t know anything is amiss until something breaks….

(More about Vitamin K2 in the next post. You’re going to love the foods it’s found in!)

The bottom line is that a varied nutrient-dense diet is not negotiable if you want to live well for as long as possible. Safe, effective supplementation can help bridge the gap between what you need and what your diet is currently providing.

Life is a dynamic state, what used to work for you may not be working anymore. Learn to listen to your body – and when it yells “pizza and beer!” listen to how you feel afterwards. There’s “a multitude within” and the ones shouting loudest are usually the same couch potatoes who crashed your New Year’s resolutions.

If you want to feel better than ever this time next year you’re going to need to do the work. You’ll thank yourself!


(Reference: “Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox” by Dr.Kate Rheaume-Bleue, BSc.,ND)

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